Zombie Survival Guide

The Zombie Survival Guide, written by American author Max Brooks and published in 2003, is a survival manual dealing with the fictional potentiality of a zombie attack. It contains detailed plans for the average citizen to survive zombie uprisings of vary



The book is divided into six separate chapters, a list of fictional attacks throughout history and an appendix. The first chapter ‘The Undead: Myths and Realities’ outlines Solanum, the fictional virus that creates a zombie, along with details on how it is spread (such as through an open wound, when coming in contact with infected blood or saliva), and treatment of the infected (such as suicide or amputation of the bitten/scratched limb, though amputation rarely works). The middle of this chapter explains the abilities and behavioral patterns of the undead and the differences between “voodoo” zombies, movie zombies, and zombies created by Solanum.

In subsequent chapters, the book covers Weapons and combat techniques, places where an individual can find safety and how to survive in a zombie infested world. The guide concludes with a fictional list of documented zombie encounters throughout history. The oldest entry is 60,000 BC, in Katanda, Central Africa, although the author expresses doubt to its validity. Instead, he presents evidence from 3,000 BC in Ancient Egypt as the first verifiable instance of a zombie outbreak. The most recent entry is 2002, in Saint Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands. Some of these encounters make reference to historical events, such as Roanoke Island.


This is a sample “Outbreak Journal”, with the author noting a covered-up zombie outbreak being seen on the local news and the preparation steps he takes in the event that the outbreak worsens. The following pages are blank entries, for the reader to use as a basis for their own notes on surviving zombies.

Zombie Survival Guide

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